Cadwell Park 2013

by huwcdavies on October 16, 2013

cadwell-2013-race-reportFinally, after 7 years of the 750 Formula I’ve managed to win the class B championship. Hooray! Class B exists for those drivers that haven’t finished 3rd overall or better in a race within the last 5 years. This gives those competitors that are still developing their cars and driving skills a short term aim (the class B championship) and a better likelihood of collecting trophy after each race. This year there were 9 class B competitors. Next season and beyond I will only collect a trophy if I finish 3rd or better overall on a race by race basis so I will need to continue to improve the car’s performance paying extra attention to the suspension geometry and weight reduction.

So anyway, back to Cadwell Park and my word was it wet. I tried using some visor cleaner which was great in the camper but once I was out on the track I couldn’t see a thing – the visor just misted up and given the reduced visibility anyway, well I had real problems trying to find the apex of a few corners and at other times problems finding the corner. Practice was slow but I made it back to the paddock only for the camshaft to sheer cruising back to my camper! Disaster, I thought! This is the weekend over and the championship lost but, I managed to make the most of the misfortune of one of my competitors and within a few hours we had removed the head from his car and I had fitted it to mine. I got the car up and running with about 30 minutes to spare and although it wasn’t exactly running like a dream all I had to do was finish the race to clinch the championship.

As expected the car was not competitive at all and the pack just left me standing after a lap but I wasn’t last and by virtue of the fact I was one of only two class B runners left on the track at the end of the race I managed to get 1st in class for the race. As I had secured the championship I decided to return home early and skip the last race.

I have a number of improvements to make to over the winter but I’ll wait for another post to tell about those and for the moment bask in my class B glory.

Thanks to Bryant Photography for allowing me to use the image.



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mikex April 10, 2014 at 2:47 pm

Congratulation ^^

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sailingpegasus January 15, 2014 at 7:30 am

This is the first time that I’ve read this message – I hadn’t realised what a close run day you’d had at Caldwell. Congratulations on the championship and on the other momentous events of the year. With all the exciting things going on in your lives, it seems a bit pointless to say “take it easy during the close season” but have a good time anyway.

Anonymous November 15, 2013 at 1:33 pm


Congratulations on your Championship win – quite a year for you one way and another!

Have a good break, I look forward to seeing your over winter improvements next season.