Roll Center Analysis

With the roll center analysis feature, you can see where the roll center is positioned both when the suspension is still and during its operation. This provides a comprehensive view of its movement. Contents   Select the type of vehicle You can set the range of the suspension by selecting a vehicle type. For example, […]

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What is pushrod suspension?

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Mobile Numeric Inputs

To show my commitment to making the data input phase of the calculators a better experience, my next batch of updates will all be focussed on data input. Entering values, especially on mobile has long been a less than pleasing experience, so my first update relates to the ease of physically typing in the values. […]

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Report Suggestions

I’ve added a few new features to the calculators to help you achieve suspension perfection. Suggestions Within the report setup page there are a lot of metrics to choose from. I understand that finding the right one for you may seem a little daunting so I now highlight those that will be of most interest […]

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Roll and Ride Reporting

Another new feature this year is the ability to test the affect roll AND ride have on your suspension model using the reporting feature. I think we can all assume that when roll is applied in real life it will also create some suspension compression. Now you test both dimensions at the same time. Consider […]

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Roll Moment