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Racing Aspirations for Tablets and Phones

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Racing Aspirations has always been available via your tablet or phone as all websites are but as of today itĀ is responsiveĀ meaning in plain English, that the website will adapt itself to the current display size and device type. As a lone coder responsiveness is my preferred method of multi-device support as it means just one […]

by Racing Aspirations June 19, 2015

2000 subscribers

Thank you for your support! I’m currently working with another company developing a range of mobile apps. I’ll be using my knowledge gained to develop the racing aspirations app.       Many thanks, Huw

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SGC gets ISO 8855 and SAE J670e support

This is the third and final part of the series intended to make designing and data input quicker and easier to understand and this is one update I’ve had a lot of requests about. Support for the ISO 8855 and SAE J670e coordinate definitions means you can easily transfer the XY dimensions from your favorite CAD package […]

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Welcome to the new look racing aspirations

Huw explains some of the new features of the site and how he used his UX (user experience) knowledge to create the new layout.

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Suspension Geometry Calculator V2 Has Arrived

The new Suspension Geometry Calculator was released today on schedule. New features include:   Roll Center and Instant Center The benefits of modeling the entire suspension setup is we can now track and report on the instant centers and roll center. These are very important variables within suspension design and the inclusion of these values […]

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