Donington Park

by Racing Aspirations on June 25, 2012
As debuts go this one was certainly memorable. The good news first: I made it out for both races and found that the car was at least stable and consistent so the chassis rebuild and geometry changes have been successful. Here is a list of all the things that went wrong on a car that was faultless a few days before: * The starter seized so one of my competitors very nicely offered to drive me to a parts store in 30 miles away to get another. * The ignition coil died. The same competitor let me borrow his spare. * My dashboard including all gauges died. * My front pully from which the ignition timing is fired worked its way loose throughout the weekend and eventually came off taking the cambelt with it. * My rear wing mounts buckled in the first race so I had no rear downforce. * The front splitter was dragging in the first race. * I had no rear diffuser for the second race as it was ripped off after the first race (don't ask) Apart from that I did enjoy being on track again and all of the above shouldn't be too hard to put right so here is a video of the second race for your enjoyment.



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