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Real-time instant center reporting
Real-time roll center reporting
Save calculator model to database
2 models
Save models as private so only you can access the data
Save models with friends. Only friends you share the link with can access the data
Save models as public so anyone can access the data and show the model in related links and inspiration sections
2 models
Advert Free
Access full screen mode
iPad app
Android app
Work offline using the iPad and Android apps
Compare function
Asymmetric function Partial Partial
Wheel frequency suspension leverage calculated
Bump steer calculated
Line chart reporting over a range of values Camber only Camber and Instant Center only 29+ metrics
See how design changes affect roll center in real-time
Dimensions in mm, cm or inches mm only
Input dimensions from vehicle
Input dimensions in ISO 8855 format
Input dimensions in SAE J670e format
Full access to all future features
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