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Author Topic: Show UCA & LCA movements in dynamic degree changes
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Post Show UCA & LCA movements in dynamic degree changes
on: February 8, 2014, 08:29

G'day mate,
First of all, I just wanted to say what an excellent suspension geometry calculators website you have here. Awesome!! 🙂

My question or idea, (if it hasn't already been asked), is would it be possible to show (in +/- degrees) the visual info of the UCA & LCA angle changes during their dynamic interaction with the chassis of the vehicle when you are in the click & drag/roll/up&down function?
I have noticed that these angles are shown during my static control arm adjustments, but are not shown anywhere during my dynamic movements.
Perhaps there could be possibly 4 readouts slotted in somewhere eg. 2 x L/H side & 2x R/H side, in or near the info box in the dynamic feature.

I think it would be a useful feature or visual tool for those who want to build or who want to modify their existing suspension setups with known parameters such as UCA & LCA maximum deflection and compression angle limits. (in other words, maximum bottoming and topping out.)
Eg. By knowing & plotting a maximum dynamic deflection angle of an LCA. where an inner wheel is basically topped out during a turn, this will then give rise to a dynamic chassis roll angle position, where the said inner wheel has the potential to lift off the road from the said dynamic chassis roll angle point. The said dynamic chassis roll angle position, is of course subject to changing it's chassis angle position depending on the ride height too. Though other dynamic factors could obviously determine when an inner wheel will actually lift off the road during a turn, I think seeing UCA & LCA angles changing dynamically would provide another good reference feature/tool for the designer or modifier to examine or see where & when the inner & outer wheels are getting near their extreme points of movement & to remedy (if required) accordingly.

I hope this suggestion makes sense & could be a useful feature, or if it's just a silly idea & absolute rubbish, just let me know.

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Post Re: Show UCA & LCA movements in dynamic degree changes
on: February 10, 2014, 15:42

Space is a bit short within the calculator these days but I would like to add a reporting layer so you can analyse any value and compare against any other value over the range of movement of the suspension.

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