Mallory Park October 10 Rounds 13 and 14

by Racing Aspirations on January 5, 2011

Sorry for the delay, but, better late than never.

I’m busy working on the car for this year at the moment, the main focus being weight reduction. I’m aiming to lose at least 15 kgs off the car which will reduce it’s overall weight to 390 kgs.

How am I going to do this?

  • I’m milling the discs from 12 mm thick down to 6 mm – 5 kgs.
  • The massive rear wing and rear bodywork support is being replaced with something far more flimsey. This saves about 7 kgs alone!
  • I’m replacing the diff casing with an alloy pattern item – 4.75 kgs.

There are other updates as well, but nothing too onerous. My main aim is getting out there and doing the whole season this year.

Updates when the car is ready.




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