Mobile Numeric Inputs

by Racing Aspirations on June 23, 2020

To show my commitment to making the data input phase of the calculators a better experience, my next batch of updates will all be focussed on data input.

Entering values, especially on mobile has long been a less than pleasing experience, so my first update relates to the ease of physically typing in the values.

Using the native mobile keyboard can be clunky and because of the form factor the mobile it is hard to show the form, keyboard and the preview at the same time.

I have developed a new responsive layout that will adjust to suit mobile, tablet and desktop form factors.

If you haven’t installed the mobile app yet then I urge you to give it a go. You can access your models from anywhere – the garage, the paddock and you don’t even have to be online to use it.

Watch out for further updates during the coming weeks including:

  • Links within the form editor giving full descriptions and examples of their use
  • The ability to lock certain dimensions, so you don’t inadvertently make an unexpected change
  • Fine tune your model using the arrow keys, not just the mouse
  • Offset drag and drop so the point you are changing is not hidden by your finger



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