Pembrey 2013 Race Report

by Racing Aspirations on June 18, 2013


Pembrey Circuit June 16th 2013: The car’s first outing since loosing 10 kgs of weight and the suspension re-design. Unfortunately, each session was wet so difficult to really gauge how the improvements have affected the handling and speed but I will say that the car was predictable. I knew how the car was going to react in each of the corners and it pretty much did the same thing lap after lap – either understeered or oversteered. Shame I’m not a good enough driver yet to react to what the car is telling me at the time and only work out how I could have improved after the event.


wet pembreyRace 1 was wet, very wet and was the first time I can remember literally not being able to see a thing for the first lap or two. The spray was immense! I think amplified by the rear wings and diffusers on the cars. I decided to hang back a little until it cleared and then got down to the business of catching the man in front of me to claim a 1st in class. Grip-wise, it was a mixture of understeer and oversteer but again, at least I could predict how the corner would react. Exiting the high speed corners I had understeer, exiting the lower speed corners I had oversteer. Interestingly, I couldn’t change from 3rd to 2nd gear without going to 1st in between.Hmmm, something to watch out for there.


lining up for the gridRace 2 was again on wet tyres but there wasn’t as much standing water or spray. You would be forgiven for thinking that ┬áthere would have been more grip, but no, the grip levels were shockingly low and the race was more a battle with the car trying to keep it on the circuit than a battle with the person in front of me. My gearbox issue really bit me off the start and I couldn’t engage 2nd gear at all losing me about four places. 2nd in class was the best I could do this time.



So what did I manage to bring back from this weekend… Apart from three trophies.

  • First, my wet tyres need replacing.
  • Second, the wets don’t work with negative camber. Set it to zero next time.
  • Third, I need to look at the synchro between 1st and 2nd and either replace the gearbox oil with a better grade or replace the synchro.

I had an in-car camera malfunction so I didn’t get much footage but this is what I did get:



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