Racing Aspirations for Tablets and Phones

by Racing Aspirations on June 19, 2015

Racing Aspirations has always been available via your tablet or phone as all websites are but as of today it is responsive meaning in plain English, that the website will adapt itself to the current display size and device type.

As a lone coder responsiveness is my preferred method of multi-device support as it means just one codebase is required. My favoured method to make a website responsive is first to decide on the minimum view port width to support then split the page into regions (the header, the content, the sidebar and the footer) then make these regions wrap as required always making sure none of the regions exceed the view port width you have specified. Beyond that, collapsible menus and using mouse or touch events depending on which platform you are on will help.

It’s taken me less than a week in total to tweak the site code and now the site has been approved by Google so time well spent.

For you, as the end user it simply means the site and calculators are a lot easier to navigate and use, using your favourite tablet or phone so why not give it go.



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