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by Racing Aspirations on April 28, 2020

I’ve added a few new features to the calculators to help you achieve suspension perfection.


Within the report setup page there are a lot of metrics to choose from. I understand that finding the right one for you may seem a little daunting so I now highlight those that will be of most interest to you and allow you to open a related blog article in a new window direct from metric by clicking the ‘learn more’ link.

Outside Wheel

The calculators now try and work out which wheel could be considered the outside wheel and subject to the most load whilst the suspension is in motion. This is displayed as the blue tire contact patch.


I think the new ground level and curbing algorithm better relfects reality. Have you noticed how bumping your inner wheel on the inside curb can return the roll center back to its start position?

to the Suspension Geometry Calculator


to the MacPherson Geometry Calculator



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