Roll and Ride Reporting

by Racing Aspirations on April 10, 2020

Another new feature this year is the ability to test the affect roll AND ride have on your suspension model using the reporting feature. I think we can all assume that when roll is applied in real life it will also create some suspension compression. Now you test both dimensions at the same time.

Consider this model: You might think it looks okay-ish when it is static.

Now try reducing the ride height by 10 mm.

We go from not that great to shockingly bad in just 10 mm! I have also created models to show how the roll center reacts to -20 mm, -40 mm and +10 mm. -10 mm is by far the worst result, so highlights changes required to this suspension model.

In the below example I have moved the upper chassis mounting point to bring the upper and lower arms to nearer parallel and I have reduced the length of the upper arm. The results have been positive.

The ride offset setting is available for everyone to try without charge. The roll center moment radius offset metric is already free for everyone and is explain in more detail in this article



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