SGC gets inline dimensions

by Racing Aspirations on November 1, 2013

sgc-inline-dimensionsAs the first part of a series of updates intended to make designing and data input quicker and easier to understand may I present to you – inline dimensioning.

The idea is simple: When you hover over or move a tether within the calculator such as the UCA/kingpin tether (as displayed in the diagram) the dimensions of each of the components that are being changed are displayed within the calculator. The inline dimensions also do a good job of giving you an indication  of what each dimension actually represents such as the KP/spindle offset which on the diagram you can clearly see is the intersection of the wheel spindle and the kingpin.

Further updates in the this series will include inline examples of each of the input parameters when entering data using the form input so you don’t need to refer to the glossary of terms and the option to enter parameters using the ISO8855 and SAE J670e standards. The next update is due for release at the end of November, followed by a standards release in early December.

Visit the Suspension Geometry Calculator or open one of your existing models to sample inline dimensioning for yourself.



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