Suspension Geometry Calculator V2 Has Arrived

by Racing Aspirations on July 22, 2013

The new Suspension Geometry Calculator was released today on schedule. New features include:


Roll Center and Instant Center

The benefits of modeling the entire suspension setup is we can now track and report on the instant centers and roll center. These are very important variables within suspension design and the inclusion of these values I hope will be of great benefit to you. Note: you have to register to access these values


Comprehensive Editor

A comprehensive set of variables are displayed when editing the suspension layout to help you optimize your setup. These values are displayed within the calculator so no more scrolling between the drawing and the specs.


Form Input

Yes, you can use drag and drop to set-up your suspension but sometimes it can be difficult to precisely set the camber or the length of the control arms. Now you can also enter specific values using the form input tool. Note: you have to register to access the form input


Zooming and Panning

Sometimes you’re dealing with RC cars and sometimes you’re analyzing the layout of a truck. To deal with these use cases zooming and panning functions have been added. It’s also useful when you want to highlight and or work on one side of the vehicle. You can even use your mouse wheel or pinch to zoom when using a tablet.


Backwards Compatability

The new calculator will still be able to read the codes generated by the existing suspension geometry calculator so please continue to use it safe in the knowledge that your calculations will not be lost.


You can still access the previous version by following this link – Classic Suspension Geometry Calculator.



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