Tutorial: Saving and sharing models

by Racing Aspirations on October 2, 2013

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial on how to save your models for future reference and also how to share them with other people.


A model represents the saved changes you have made to a calculator. So, for example, this is the “Suspension Geometry Calculator” – a tool for you to create your own suspension models and analyze them. This is the “Phoenix FIRE” model – the representation of my current race car’s front suspension set-up.


Open up the “Suspension Geometry Calculator” and you will be presented with the default settings. Make a change to the settings. For example, I’m going to decrease the track width. At this point you’ll notice the save icon starts flashing to indicate there are unsaved changes. Before saving, make a change to the name. In this
case I’ll call it “Locost narrow track”. Now press the save button.


Upon saving your model, it is assigned a shortlink so it’s easier to share with other people but before you can share it you have to make it visible to others. By default, only you can see your model – this is indicated by the solitary person icon. You can toggle the visibility by clicking this icon. When two people are displayed it means that people you give the link to will be able to access your model. When the globe icon is displayed it means your model will appear on the site for all to see and will also appear within search results. If you want to share your work with the world this is the best mode to select.


At some point you will want to reload your model and continue to analyze it’s performance. There are a few ways to do this – you can click on your ACCOUNT link then click on the MODELS link or you can click on the CALCULATORS link then the load icon within the menu bar.


Once you have created a model, the model name replaces the calculator name in the menu bar. If you want to change the name of you model, click on the edit icon to the right of the name. Change the name then click away from the text input. The change is saved immediately so you don’t have to press the save icon. You can also give a more detailed description of your model. Scroll down to the description section and click the edit icon. You can also edit the tags used to categorize your model within search results. Scroll down to the tags section, click edit and enter any tags you want to use separated by commas. Scrolling back up to the top of the page, if you make a change to the model like maybe changing the camber you will notice the save icon starts flashing indicating that there are unsaved changes. If you want to save your changes just click the icon and you will be notified that your changes have been saved.



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