WDC now includes the moments of inertia

by Racing Aspirations on May 22, 2013

This second May update has been released following some useful feedback from various forums and from the racing aspirations registered user base.

  • Moment of inertia – The lateral and longitudinal moments of inertia are displayed within the calculator
  • Right to left bias – This has been added within the calculator’s bounds
  • Front to rear bias – This has been added within the calculator’s bounds
  • Switchable analysis layers – The corner weights as well as any of the above can be switched between by pressing on the multi colored analysis bar at the top of the calculator
  • More precise rounding – Better rounding of values at the correct places within the calculator code has resulted in far better precision
  • More components – You can now add the wheels to represent unsprung weight and there is a special CoG object that allows you add the total weight of the vehicle before or after the components have been added
By way of example I’ve included links to the analysis of my car as it was at Brands Hatch:
Front to Rear Analysis   Moments of Inertia¬†Analysis
phoenix_fr_may_2013   phoenix_moi_may_2013
Right to Left Analysis   Corner Weight Analysis
phoenix_rl_may_2013   phoenix_cw_may_2013

I hope you find this calculator a useful addition to your toolkit and would like to remind you if you haven’t already done so to register yourself on the site.



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