Roll Center Analysis

With the roll center analysis feature, you can see where the roll center is positioned both when the suspension is still and during its operation. This provides a comprehensive view of its movement. Contents   Select the type of vehicle You can set the range of the suspension by selecting a vehicle type. For example, […]

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Using the roll ce…

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Using the roll center analysis feature and the reports together gives you greater insight into how y

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WDC now includes the moments of inertia

This second May update has been released following some useful feedback from various forums and from the racing aspirations registered user base. Moment of inertia – The lateral and longitudinal moments of inertia are displayed within the calculator Right to left bias – This has been added within the calculator’s bounds Front to rear bias […]

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SGC gets double vision and bump steer

In this update to the Suspension Geometry Calculator as well as fixing a few minor issues I’ve added bump steer analysis – something that has been requested for quite a while now. As you would expect you can drag the pivot points around and then test the results by moving the suspension. An opaque orange line […]

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SGC gets ISO 8855 and SAE J670e support

This is the third and final part of the series intended to make designing and data input quicker and easier to understand and this is one update I’ve had a lot of requests about. Support for the ISO 8855 and SAE J670e coordinate definitions means you can easily transfer the XY dimensions from your favorite CAD package […]

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SGC form input gets visual descriptions

The second part of a series of updates intended to make designing and data input quicker and easier to understand may I present to you – visual descriptions. The concept is simple. The text description “UCA length” whilst making sense to common users of this site (Upper Control Arm length) may not mean that much […]

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