What is Scrub Radius

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Report Data Download

by Racing Aspirations April 25, 2017

Roll Center Movement (Kinematic)

a It is generally considered that a good suspension design has little change in the roll center (RC) position during ride and roll changes. To this end, the suspension calculators include a visible indication of the static roll center location and the dynamic roll center location. The reporting tool also includes metrics for the static […]

Live Reporting

The live reporting tool can be a useful feature when it comes to checking that your tyre camber is in tolerance. Roll is probably the factor that will affect tyre camber when the suspension is active the most, so why not use the reporting tool and set the range to ROLL: That’s a decent starting point, but […]

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New Features for Subscribers

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Racing Aspirations iOS App

The iPhone and iPad app has now been approved by Apple so I am pleased to announce that it is available to download using the following link. The app is free to download and get started with. You can use it as a guest but once you have logged in you will have the same level […]

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