Mallory Park May 2019

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Brands Hatch April 2019

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About Caster

Caster can technically be decribed as the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis. For our purposes though, it affects the amount of self centering and steering “feel” or our vehicles. Speed and Self Centering Consider these two bikes. The cruiser has a greater caster angle which gives it better self centering which will feel […]

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SJN Photography

New to 2019 and just beacuse race car I have teamed up with SJN photography and will be posting pictures and results of the 3 championships I support: 750 FormulaRgb Sports 1000Sport Specials You can find out more about SJN and view the existing photo galleries below:

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5 day subscriptions available in £, $, € and AU$

To celebrate the arrival of $, € and AU$ billing currencies and because I am a thoroughly nice bloke, I have removed the 1 day subscription and replaced it with a 5 day subscription for the same price. If you are not seeing the correct currency for your region then go to account, scroll down […]

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PedalBox Episode 9 – Rear Suspension

I love to see our subscribers getting the most out of the calculators and the guys at PedalBox have been kind enough to share their work with us in the form of a vlog. If you are struggling with the Suspension Geometry Calculator or just need some inspiration then check out this video: Subscribe   […]

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