Brands Hatch April ’09 Rounds 3 and 4

by Racing Aspirations on April 27, 2009

First off, the changes to the cooling system worked very well. I’m now thinking of adding another ram air intake to serve the oil cooler as this seems to be the next weak link in the chain.


An oil hose split on lap 3 and sprayed the entire engine bay. Amazingly I managed to limp back to the paddock. I should have taken a picture of the engine bay but I had other things on my mind at the time! Anyway, cleaned up the mess, repaired the hose, refilled with oil and the car was ready to go again. I qualified 22nd in the 1st race and 23rd in the 2nd.

Race 1
I made it halfway through the race, overtaking and still catching those ahead of me until, on the pit straight my gearstick fell off! Yes, my gear stick fell off!! I can only imagine I never checked it after assembly and it’s been slowly undoing itself over the last couple of months. DNF

Race 2
1 or 2 laps into the race and I’m starting to get into my stride, but once again, on the pit straight the car starts spluttering and dies. Immediately I know I’ve run out of fuel. I forgot to calibrate the fuel gauge!!! DNF

A weekend dogged by silly errors, but it’s all once step closer to running a reliable car, so I can’t complain especially as I’m going to be in New Zealand for the next few months and can’t work on the car.

Cadwell Park next – in July – Where I hope to get a true indication of the cars performance.



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