Brands Hatch April 11 Round 1

The first race weekend of the season and it’s looking good. The updates I made to the car have made a real difference to the handling. It now goes where I tell it to! My best lap was 55.90 seconds – over 2 seconds quicker than the last time I was at Brands Hatch – […]

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750F is the new F1

This video makes it look as if it is! Look very closely and you may be able to see me. Very good, Huw

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Stupid racing cars!

Well, the engine is back in, but now the Polestar sensor has broken. Probably because as the crank vibrated, it shook the timing wheel loose, which took a massive chunk out of it. I’ve got a new sensor, but I’ve yet to fit it. I really hope this sorts my engine related issues now, so […]

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Engine Rebuild

The lastest news from CK Engineering is that the engine is ready to go. Apparently, the flywheel had come loose – that was the main concern, but they replaced a couple of main bearings as they were worn and replaced the piston rings whilst they were looking around. I’ll be putting it back in the […]

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Snetterton September ‘10 Rounds 11 and 12

Let me begin with a damn and blast as on opening the bonnet at Snetterton I realised I’d left the choke on for the Silverstone race. I think this is the reason I felt I was going backwards compared to qualifying. Another item to add to the pre-race check list. Unfortunately, things only went down […]

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Post Silverstone Fixes and Modifications

So I managed to get some time to work on the car Wednesday evening whilst Rachel was dancing (and yes, I got a dance in afterwards). I’ve added a 10mm gurney flap to the wing. It’s almost a necessity to get the wing started these days. I noticed a bit of contact between the rear […]

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