Phoenix FSG 2020

moved lca to 430 wide from 510

by huwcdavies September 19, 2019 | | , ,

Phoenix FSG 2018

Shorter UCA to increase camber

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Front Undertray Stiffeners

by huwcdavies May 23, 2015 | ,

Front undertray buck taking shape

I’ve been busy this weekend adding the shroud that will encase the radiator as well as form the entrance and exit tunnels. I also started to map out how the gap between the under tray and the bodywork will be filled. Using small blocks of wood you can see I’m working out the shape required […]

by huwcdavies May 23, 2015 | ,

Front undertray buck

Work commences on the buck… I’m using the existing threaded inserts that were used to bolt the chassis to the jig during fabrication. The under tray will also support the radiator. The under tray will be constructed in two parts – upper and lower – then bonded together.

by Racing Aspirations March 14, 2015 | , ,

New Front Undertray for 2016

Today, I’ve been planning the height of the leading edge for the new under tray and it’s not determined by the minimum ride height defined by the MSA but by the ease of loading the car on to the trailer. It’s a typical problem that if the leading edge of the diffuser is set to the minimum allowed then […]

by huwcdavies March 7, 2015 | ,