Silverstone 2019

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Silverstone Race Report 2013

Another 1st and 2nd in class this weekend with my main championship rival getting the same result so my lead in the B championship remains the same. The modifications to the suspension geometry as well as softening up the front with less anti roll bar definately helped as I did not experience any understeer on […]

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750F is the new F1

This video makes it look as if it is! Look very closely and you may be able to see me. Very good, Huw

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Silverstone August ’10 Round 10

Not exactly brilliant results from Silverstone. I qualified 12th, which I thought was not too bad until I read the lap times and saw I was three seconds behind 11th place. The race didn’t go much better as I seemed to go backwards as people overtook me until I did literally exit Copse corner backwards! […]

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Silverstone August 2006

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[singlepic id=456 w=170 h=120 float=left]This is me racing the Harrison at Silverstone in 2006. I recall I didn’t manage to do the 3 lap minimum in qualifying so I had to go to race control and plead with them to let me race. They did, but I had to do 3 laps of the circuit […]

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