Silverstone Race Report 2013

by huwcdavies on August 26, 2013

Another 1st and 2nd in class this weekend with my main championship rival getting the same result so my lead in the B championship remains the same. The modifications to the suspension geometry as well as softening up the front with less anti roll bar definately helped as I did not experience any understeer on entry although there was noticeable understeer on exiting Stowe corner. I noticed in the garage there’s an imbalance between the front left and right steering arm leading to visually noticeable bump steer on the left side… the side that loads up when exciting Stowe. Something to look at before the next race.

Annoyingly, I also had a collision with another competitor in practice and although I patched up the bodywork for the races I will have to replace one of my side pods before the next race.

So, I was pretty happy with the car’s performance this weekend. It is certainly getting quicker each race meeting and I am able to plan what to do over winter to make it a regular top 10 finisher.



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