Silverstone August ’10 Round 10

by Racing Aspirations on August 31, 2010

Copse cornerNot exactly brilliant results from Silverstone. I qualified 12th, which I thought was not too bad until I read the lap times and saw I was three seconds behind 11th place. The race didn’t go much better as I seemed to go backwards as people overtook me until I did literally exit Copse corner backwards!

So, my best qualifiying lap time was 1:11.69 and my best race lap time was 1:12.06. Compared to last year (1:13.28 and 1:12.68) it does show improvement, but to be honest I was hoping for more. So comparing it to 2006 (1:13.28) it is better, but not enough.

In my defense though, this was my first race since Silverstone last year, so lets hope for some improvement over the coming races. Perhaps one thing that may help will be to set myself a target time and watch my on board lap timer. I think though, it is fair to say the car is too heavy. I need to lose at least 25 kgs this winter and more in the long term. I also need to work on my driving skill, particularly getting the power down earlier in the corners and getting used to how fast these cars can corner.

All said and done thought, it was great to be out again, but I’m not kidding myself, I have a lot of work to do yet.



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