Stupid racing cars!

Well, the engine is back in, but now the Polestar sensor has broken. Probably because as the crank vibrated, it shook the timing wheel loose, which took a massive chunk out of it. I’ve got a new sensor, but I’ve yet to fit it. I really hope this sorts my engine related issues now, so […]

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Engine Rebuild

The lastest news from CK Engineering is that the engine is ready to go. Apparently, the flywheel had come loose – that was the main concern, but they replaced a couple of main bearings as they were worn and replaced the piston rings whilst they were looking around. I’ll be putting it back in the […]

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The Phasar 2010 lives!

With only two weeks remaining to the first race of the 2010 season, the Phasar bursts finally into life. Tomorrow I’ll be taking it to Lynx AE to be set-up and fingers crossed we should return with a competative car (power-wise). So to summarise, the following changes have been made to the engine: 40 thou […]

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Diary update

I’m due/hope to be in the workshop on the following dates: May 2nd May 16th May 22nd I’m then planning to drop the car off at the exhaust fabricator’s workshop on May 17th. The exhaust will only take 3 days to make so I’ll have it back the following weekend. I’m planning to have the car finished […]

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Engine and gearbox

16 Sep 2007: The engine and gearbox are in place ready for the mounting points. The only engine modification required is altering the angle (in relation to the engine) of the inlet manifold as you can see in the 5th picture. 23 Sep 2007: Engine and gearbox are now secured in position… That was easy! […]

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