About Negative Camber

We all hear about the importance of how negative camber helps performance driving, but do you know why and how much, if any, you need? In a turn, your outer tires bear the brunt of the handling responsibility and they will tend to roll out/away from the car – this reduces the contact patch of the […]

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Weight Distribution Calculator Update

May I present to you the long awaited update for the Weight Distribution Calculator. The new calculator offers the following enhancements over it’s predecessor: More Workspace – 4.5 times more workspace than before to be precise. Sharing – As before, you can share a link back to your project but now you can also embed […]

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Dyno Results

The engine updates have worked well. The net result is 89 bhp @ 6500 rpm. That’s a massive improvement on last year and best of all the car worked faultlessly for the entire dyno session. Big thanks to Jon Lee of Lynx AE.

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