Weight Distribution Calculator Update

by Racing Aspirations on May 13, 2013

May I present to you the long awaited update for the Weight Distribution Calculator. The new calculator offers the following enhancements over it’s predecessor:

  • More Workspace – 4.5 times more workspace than before to be precise.
  • Sharing – As before, you can share a link back to your project but now you can also embed the results in your website or forum.
  • Unlimited Objects – Not only is there now a ballast object but any number of objects can be added to your project so you can have two engines, two driven axles and four passengers if you wish.
  • CoG and Corner Weights – They’re displayed right there on the workspace.
  • Selectable Plans – You now place your objects on a vehicle plan which you can change to represent your own vehicle.
  • Room for Improvement – This is one of the new breed of calculators offered by racingaspirations.com with scope built in to enhance the functionality without needed to go back to the drawing board.

Click the link below to be directed to the Weight Distribution Calculator loaded with some sample data.


I hope you find this calculator a useful addition to your toolkit and would like to remind you if you haven’t already done so to register yourself on the site.




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