Gearbox is ready for 2012

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Gearbox Woes

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Can you believe it! I managed to break the un-breakable gearbox! Yes, Snetterton 30th July was not a good day for me as the gearbox seized on the first lap of the first race. Sunday was spent removing the engine and gearbox from the car which is when I noticed the 1st/2nd gear baulk rings […]

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Engine and gearbox

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16 Sep 2007: The engine and gearbox are in place ready for the mounting points. The only engine modification required is altering the angle (in relation to the engine) of the inlet manifold as you can see in the 5th picture. 23 Sep 2007: Engine and gearbox are now secured in position… That was easy! […]

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Ford (Type-E) Rocket Gearbox

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[singlepic id=42 w=170 h=120 float=left]The Evo3 is getting a serious gearbox – It’s a Ford Rocket with Quaife maincase + top cover and Tran-X gearset. I thought about mating the gearbox to a standard Fiat bellhousing, but it looked far too heavy, so I’ve opted to stick with the Reliant bellhousing. Thanks to Tony Brazier […]

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