Gearbox Woes

by Racing Aspirations on August 4, 2011

Can you believe it! I managed to break the un-breakable gearbox! Yes, Snetterton 30th July was not a good day for me as the gearbox seized on the first lap of the first race.

Sunday was spent removing the engine and gearbox from the car which is when I noticed the 1st/2nd gear baulk rings had broken up. On Monday I took the gearbox to my regular gearbox and diff expert to inspect and repair and today I have picked it up again.

His diagnosis is oil starvation. I had put 0.9 litres in thinking this was the correct amount, but apparently the correct amount is not measured. The main case should be filled up to the oil plug on the side, which is quite a lot more than 0.9 litres!

So, the gearbox IS un-breakable… As long as you put some oil in it first!




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