Ford (English) rear axle

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I decided to move away from the ‘standard’ BMC live axle as Ford parts are more widely available. The axle is currently being modified by Raw Engineering and will be back with me shortly. More pics to come… 26/02/2007 – Axle has arrived complete with disc brake conversion. I was pleasantly suprised at how light […]

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Ford (Type-E) Rocket Gearbox

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[singlepic id=42 w=170 h=120 float=left]The Evo3 is getting a serious gearbox – It’s a Ford Rocket with Quaife maincase + top cover and Tran-X gearset. I thought about mating the gearbox to a standard Fiat bellhousing, but it looked far too heavy, so I’ve opted to stick with the Reliant bellhousing. Thanks to Tony Brazier […]

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