Post Silverstone Fixes and Modifications

by Racing Aspirations on September 10, 2010

So I managed to get some time to work on the car Wednesday evening whilst Rachel was dancing (and yes, I got a dance in afterwards).

I’ve added a 10mm gurney flap to the wing. It’s almost a necessity to get the wing started these days. I noticed a bit of contact between the rear wheels and the rear calipers, so I’ve spaced the rear wheels by a couple of mm which seems to have helped. I’ve tacked the half shaft nuts in place as once again one side has loosened and topped up the engine oil (by about 1.5 litres) as I was showing low oil pressure at Silverstone. I hope it fixes it, otherwise it’ll be something like new bearings. Doh!

Off to Croatia this weekend then Snetterton next weekend. Can’t wait.




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