Mobile Numeric Inputs

To show my commitment to making the data input phase of the calculators a better experience, my next batch of updates will all be focussed on data input. Entering values, especially on mobile has long been a less than pleasing experience, so my first update relates to the ease of physically typing in the values. […]

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Instant Reflection Preview

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As part of the shocks, springs, push and pull rods update I will also be adding “instant reflection” to the dimensions from vehicle form. This will remove the uncertanty of entering your data only to be presented with an exception when you hit Apply. Now you will see every change in real-time and be given […]

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What is Scrub Radius

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Roll Center Movement (Kinematic)

a It is generally considered that a good suspension design has little change in the roll center (RC) position during ride and roll changes. To this end, the suspension calculators include a visible indication of the static roll center location and the dynamic roll center location. The reporting tool also includes metrics for the static […]

New Features for Subscribers

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Cross Weight added to WDC

The diagonally related weight between the left-rear and right-front wheels is referred to as cross-weight or simply wedge. It is often measured as a percentage of the vehicle’s total weight. When more than 50 percent of the car’s weight is on the left-rear and right-front wheels, the car is said to have more wedge. As well as […]

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