Front Undertray Stiffeners

by huwcdavies on April 18, 2015

The front under tray has potentially quite a large flat area each side of the nose cone which will easily fold when the pressure below the under tray is lowered unless the extents are supported. To combat this I’ve added a step each side of the nose cone with a vertical leading edge which will be used to attach mounts for the bonnet which then tapers to the trailing edge of the under tray.


Using this method I’m hoping the under tray will support itself and with the added stiffness of the bonnet when attached will not deform when the ground effects come into play.


When the top and bottom parts of the under tray are bonded together (during manufacture) the underside will remain flat and the step will create a void.


Creating the buck is a slow process especially when I only have  half a day a week to work on it.


I’m waiting for the glue to set so will return to it in a few weeks when I’ll start working on the underside of the under tray.


My carpentry skills aren’t all the great so at least I’m good with filler!




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