New Front Undertray for 2016

by huwcdavies on March 7, 2015

Today, I’ve been planning the height of the leading edge for the new under tray and it’s not determined by the minimum ride height defined by the MSA but by the ease of loading the car on to the trailer. It’s a typical problem that if the leading edge of the diffuser is set to the minimum allowed then loading and unloading becomes an issue requiring lots of blocks strategically positioned on and around the loading ramps. Also, trying to get the jack under the front of the car especially on a grass paddock is a pain I can do without.

As you will see in the pictures I’ve been loading and unloading the car and adjusting the diffuser to suit and now that I’ve found a suitable diffuser height I’ve put the car on blocks and marked the minimum height for the leading edge with more blocks.

The next job is to start making a buck that will be used to create mould in fibreglass for the proposed under tray/diffuser/radiator mounting structure.




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