Nosecone / undertray / diffuser

by huwcdavies on October 31, 2015

It’s been six months in the making and today I finally got to pull theĀ nosecone from the mould. I’m pretty happy with the results as it’s my first attempt at carbon fibre so it must only get better from here!


It is as light as I’d anticipated, pretty stiff and very sexy.


The unit has a double splitter design. The first is the leading edge of the under tray which is about 80mm off the ground then there’s a diffuser then the second splitter at the leading edge of the chassis which is 45mm off the ground. The diffuser sucks the air in front of the second splitterĀ into the chassis and then out over the body leaving a low pressure area under the chassis and a high pressure area above the car.


Laying the carbon fibre wasn’t as challenging as I’d thought but removing the air bubbles in the corners took a bit of work.


The moulds came out well but needed a little repair work.


Making the buck took the longest time. Fill, sand, prime, repeat…


It all started with a bit of wood.


No rest for the wicked though, My next job is to make a new bonnet. See you in six months!



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