New front bodywork

Here’s a picture of what the car will look like at the front. I’m just starting work on the buck.

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Nosecone / undertray / diffuser

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Work Continues on the Front Undertray Buck

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Front undertray buck

Work commences on the buck… I’m using the existing threaded inserts that were used to bolt¬†the chassis to the jig during fabrication. The under tray will also support the radiator. The under tray¬†will be constructed in two parts – upper and lower – then bonded together.

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Crash Repairs

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[singlepic id=533 w=160 h=120 float=left] As you can see the front passenger side was the first part of the car to hit the tyre wall. I’m amazed how little damage there was though as it is only fibreglass and thin fibreglass at that, but I guess the bodywork and undertray mated together made for a […]

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Rear diffuser

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Only the upper and lower mounting points at the moment. 11 Mar 2008: Diffuser mould is underway… 16 Mar 2008: Diffuser is complete and mounted on the car. It’s very much a first pass on this car. Going to see how it compares to the last car’s diffuser which was far more complex. 09 Jun […]

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