Work Continues on the Front Undertray Buck

by huwcdavies on May 23, 2015

If you’ve been following the¬†posts since March I’ve been testing my carpentry skills building the upper and lower bucks for the front under tray. If you want more information on what a buck is and what it’s purpose is then follow this link to wikipedia – fiberglass molding. The upper part has been filled, sanded and filled and sanded and now is ready to be primed and finished ready for the mould making process… Woohoo.



That’s not the end of it though, as I still have to get the lower buck to the same stage before I can think about making the moulds. The lower half of the buck is far simpler being largely flat but it does incorporate a diffuser to remove air from beneath the car forward of the chassis. The chassis is about 30mm lower than the front under tray and will also incorporate a splitter at the front so the pocket of air forward¬†of the chassis and below the under tray will be sucked up into the chassis and out the top of the bodywork. I’ll upload a diagram as part of a later post.


The cross beam at the front of the chassis will be modified to allow the air to flow freely.


Does glueing and filling everything count as carpentry?


This is the business site of the under tray / diffuser combination.



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