Papa’s got a new exhaust system

by Racing Aspirations on June 7, 2010

We picked up the car from Viper Exhausts in Essex this saturday. The exhaust is full stainless steel and looks great. It now exits above the chassis rails so packaging isn’t a problem, the only issue now being I’ve had to cut a hole in the bonnet as one of the headers just fouls it. How annoying!

The seat is complete and fitted.

The bodywork has been refitted and as mentioned before, various holes have been cut for the new exhaust.

A word of caution – I bought some rubber bonnet straps using ebay and no sooner had I fitted them than they snapped. Better now than on the track I suppose.

No pictures again as the camera on my Nokia X6 is about as much good as a chocolate teapot. Yes, it maybe 5 mega-pixels, but 5mp blurred images aren’t much good to me. I’ll take the proper camera with me next time – I promise.

So what’s left?

  • Add a duct from the NACA intake to the carb trumpet.
  • Mount the battery behind the passenger firewall.
  • Make new wing posts and attach the wing.
  • Modify the rear anti roll bar. It still needs to be stiffer.
  • Possibly replace the roll hoop.
  • That’s about it. It’s almost ready for the track again.




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