Rear suspension

by Racing Aspirations on February 16, 2009

Here we have the rear suspension. This is very different to the standard set-up so there are a lot of changes.

The first four pictures were my original thoughts for mounting the radius arms. The final solution is far simpler (and lighter).

18 Nov 2007: The rear of the transmission tunnel has been modified to allow more room for the diff casing.

23 Dec 2007: Anti roll bar added. Just need some drop links to connect to the axle. The bushes are Caterham, the ARB I made myself.

31 Dec 2007: Drop links added.

18 Feb 2008: The rear axle is finally in place. What should have been an easy job was made more difficult as it turns out the disc conversion requires spacers and the caliper brake line connection is very, very close to the upper radius arm. Ah well, I’ve tested the the axle in full bump and droop and the brake lines don’t foul (just). Have to keep a close eye on this.

16 Feb 2009: I’ve finally gotten round to replacing the panhard rod. You may have noticed the previous one had a kink in the middle (to clear the diff). I always wondered what might happen going through copse corner with that rod…

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