Snetterton March ’09 Rounds 1 and 2

by Racing Aspirations on April 6, 2009
The cars first outing gave mixed results. Lets get the bad news out of the way first - I finished second from last - and that was only because the person in front of me spun off on the final lap! I had major cooling issues. My crazy cooling arrangement just didn't work (the temperature reached 130°C) but, you can't win them all so back to the drawing board there. I also noticed I had a huge amount of movement at the rear wheels like the bearing had worn out - after one race though? Will have to investigate further. Although the car wasn't fast at all, it did give me the confidence to take the bomb hole, coram and riches flat without any drama so I think I have a good base to work with. So, back to the workshop for some tweaks and roll on Brands Hatch.



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