Xmas progress

by Racing Aspirations on January 1, 2008

I’ve got until the 31st to make some real progress on this car. Ideally I’d like to have the car ready for painting and panelling.

22 Dec 2007: Live axle assembled and fitted; Front suspension assembled and fitted.

23 Dec 2007: Both ARBs fabricated and mounted.

24 Dec 2007: Fuel tank and pump fitted; Passenger seat frame surrounding it has been fabricated and fitted.

26 Dec 2007: Coil and transponder fitted; Radiators and oil cooler fitted; Radiator hoses fitted.

27 Dec 2007: Remote oil filter fitted; Oil lines routed; Rear light fitted; Rear bodywork/diffuser support added.

30 Dec 2007: Fire extinguisher fitted; Throttle assembly fabricated and fitted; Exhaust headers modified and fitted; Front ARB drop links fabricated and fitted.

31 Dec 2007: Rear ARB drop links fabricated and fitted; Master switch fitted; Lower diffuser support fabricated and fitted.

01 Jan 2008: Rear wing chassis mounts added; Radiator braces fabricated and fitted; Clutch stop fitted; Chassis stripped ready for final welding and painting.

Well… That’s it then, I’m absolutely knackered. Off to Las Vegas for a well deserved break.

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