2014 Winter Rebuild Pt1

by huwcdavies on March 3, 2014

It’s been a busy winter with the birth of my son at the end of the last season so I’ve had to restrain myself in what can realistically be achieved. The engine and the gearbox both needed rebuilds so they were sent to CK Engineering and arrived back in January and while they were away I took the opportunity to remove some more weight from the car by rebuilding the cockpit area.

A new roll hoop has been attached sourced from www.racekits.co.uk, the transmission tunnel has been simplified and the dash area has been moved back and rebuild with a 1/4″ frame rather than a 3/4″ frame. This has saved around another 10 kgs. As you can see from the pictures above the engine and gearbox are back in and the panelwork is all but finished. all they is left to do is the wiring although there won’t be any wiring changes, it just needs the components re-fitting, holes for switches cut and probably the lengthening of some wires.

I am considering adding a second starter switch for the slave starter battery as the car’s battery is so small it can really only manage two sessions before it needs replacing. Not much good when there is a practice and two races to compete in so when the slave battery is attached I want there to be no connection to the car’s battery so I’m going to fit a battery cut out that will have to be turned off for the slave battery starter switch to operate. Once the car is started and warmed up the slave battery can be disconnected and the battery cut out turned on so when if I need to restart the car on track it will still be possible. It sounds like the best way to preserve the charge of the low storage albeit very light car battery.

The season starts at the end of March but I’m going to wait till the end of April (Brands Hatch).



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