2015 front suspension rebuild

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Today, after a few more tweaks using the suspension geometry calculator I have finally started the rebuild. This involved setting up the wishbones on the bench so they reflect exactly what is in the calculator and also double checking each side has the same settings. It took a quite a few goes running back and forth between the […]

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2014 Winter Rebuild Pt2

This weekend was the first of the 2014 750 Formula rounds but I was in the garage which wasn’t entirely unplanned as I only intend to compete in half the races this year in an attempt to analyse and work on the cars performance ready for 2015. I finished off the transmission tunnel, mounted the […]

by Racing Aspirations July 3, 2014 | , ,

2014 Winter Rebuild Pt1

It’s been a busy winter with the birth of my son at the end of the last season so I’ve had to restrain myself in what can realistically be achieved. The engine and the gearbox both needed rebuilds so they were sent to CK Engineering and arrived back in January and while they were away […]

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