For whatever your motorsport related math problem maybe aims to provide a calculator that will help you find a solution. From a simple measurement conversion to a fully featured double wishbone suspension calculator make your one stop shop. There are currently 5 calculators.

Suspension Geometry Calculator

Quickly and easily see the affect movement has on your suspension set-up and adjust on the fly using the drag and drop editor.

by Racing Aspirations December 6, 2021 | ,

MacPherson Geometry Calculator

The MacPherson Strut version of the original suspension calculator with the same easy to use drag and drop interface. Also supports ISO 8855 and SAE J670e coordinate formats.

by Racing Aspirations February 4, 2021 | ,

Weight Distribution Calculator

See how moving components around your vehicle can affect the center of gravity, moments of inertia and the weight distribution with this simple but effective drag and drop calculator.

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Wheel Frequency Calculator

If coil rates baffle you or you want to verify your current set-up this is the calculator for you.

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Classic Suspension Geometry Calculator

The classic version of the suspension geometry calculator. It is simplicity itself and a great place to start learning about suspension geometry. With this calculator you will see how bump and droop can affect camber.

by Racing Aspirations February 4, 2021 |