by Racing Aspirations on July 7, 2008

I decided on twin side mounted radiators for this car rather than one big front mounted radiator as this moves the weight towards the centre of the car and exiting air is easier to manage.

The second picture shows the passenger side radiator and oil cooler viewed from the front through the wishbones. The third picture shows the driver side radiator. I may increase the width of this radiator.

I’ll be building a collection chamber in front of the rad’s and passing ducting between the wishbones which will be fed by the main intakes in time.

01 Jan 2008: Adjustable supports added.

18 Mar 2008: I’ve moved the radiators back a little and added the intake shrouds. So the question is… Do I need to bridge the gap between the main intakes and the secondary intakes? You may also notice there is scope to increase the size of one of the radiators… Just in case.

24 Mar 2008: I’ve seperated the high pressure air behind the front wheels and the low pressure region behind the radiators. I’ve also perforated the sidepods to allow wheel and rad air to escape.

14 Apr 2008: I’ve added splash panels behind the front wheels. Firstly to protect the engine and secondly to make sure the area behind the radiators remains a low pressure region.

07 Jul 2008: The right-hand side radiator has increased in size!

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