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Pictures, at last!

So, I’ve finally got round to uploading some pictures. I thought I’d upload a select few¬†– quality rather than quantity. First there is the new exhaust system. It’s out of the way of the cooling hoses and just about everything else (I did have to cut a hole in the bonnet for one of the […]

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The enhancements continue…

I’ve made some major enhancements to the cooling side of things over the last couple of months. Firstly, I’ve moved the swirl pot to the rear of the engine and routed the inlet and outlet piping past the exhaust side of the engine. The oil cooler has returned, but this time it’s mounted infront of […]

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Post-Snetterton Changes

[singlepic id=506 w=160 h=120 float=left]First on the list is the cooling system which really didn’t do its job very well at Snetterton. The radiators have been moved to the front undertray and mated to the inlets so they’ll trap every bit of air coming in! I’ve replace the long straight runs of hose with aluminium […]

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I decided on twin side mounted radiators for this car rather than one big front mounted radiator as this moves the weight towards the centre of the car and exiting air is easier to manage. The second picture shows the passenger side radiator and oil cooler viewed from the front through the wishbones. The third […]

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LHS and RHS Radiator drawings (revised)

Below are the revised drawings of the bespoke radiator. This larger version is intended for the side of the car that does not have an oil cooler. Files FastCAD 7 Drawing (including dimesions) FastCAD 7 3D Drawing Pdf (including dimesions)

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