Pictures, at last!

by Racing Aspirations on June 14, 2010
So, I've finally got round to uploading some pictures. I thought I'd upload a select few - quality rather than quantity. First there is the new exhaust system. It's out of the way of the cooling hoses and just about everything else (I did have to cut a hole in the bonnet for one of the manifolds though). The new silencer should stop the scrutineer who checks the noise level giving me funny looks as well.
There's an array of intakes at the front and the side. Two for water, one for oil and a NACA dust for the carburettor. No cooling issues this year.
Talking about cooling, the water hoses have been re-routed. There's a new DCOE45 and a pretty cool gauze filter for it. I've yet to route the NACA intake to the carb. Ooooh, the dzus fasteners on the side of the bonnet were annoying last season, so now they have been replaced with bonnet straps. Nice bit of advertising there... The battery has moved. Look! I've got a new seat. I've only got one more weekend I can spend on the car before the wedding now. I'm hoping to get the car running that weekend. Fingers crossed. Huw



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